Servicing Islanders from Victoria to Shawnigan Lake, Cobble Hill & Langley, BC

Serving Islanders across the Greater Victoria Area

Serving Islanders from Victoria to Shawnigan Lake, BC and Greater Langley, BC

Serving Islanders across the Greater Victoria Area

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Why The Name Fig’s?

My nickname growing up in my family was “Fig.” Even to this day, I am still called by that. It’s a piece of my identity and it’s easy to roll off the tongue when recommending a Mobile Detailing company.

“Just call Fig’s!”

— Jeff ‘Fig’ Crone


At the young age of 8, I began my entrepreneurial journey by delivering newspapers for the Leader-Post in Regina, SK, Canada. Even at such a young age, I really began to manifest my potential as a self-starter.

It was around this time that my parents ran a Senior Home business based out of our residence. It only lasted a few years, but it was enough to show me just how possible it was for someone to begin their own business and work for themselves.

Fast forward through my adolescent years of sport, travel, and a variety of jobs, I eventually hit my twenties, the era of my life that introduced me to auto detailing. I dove into the career and meticulously learned about the proper ways to detail vehicles, gained product knowledge, and created thorough, efficient habits. Detailing grew on me and became a passion.

As time went on, my pride in my chosen field grew. I eventually found myself working for an agricultural dealership in Regina, where I learned how to detail commercial-grade equipment and personal equipment, such as boats.

To supplement my experience, I began to take night classes at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, where I majored in Business. Originally I was going to go part-time, but my ambition took over and I dropped everything to attend school full-time, plus added another major; Marketing. After graduating, I landed what I thought at the time was my dream job…and yet I still felt like I was not reaching my full potential. In 2015, an opportunity presented itself to move to the island and I took it, risking everything that I had built up to that point to make a significant lifestyle change.

Jeff "Fig" Crone

I have begun a journey here in Victoria and have been evolving into a more complete version of myself as each year passes.

In April 2021, I went through a professional coaching session that discussed mindset, which encouraged me to pursue a different avenue of a career endeavour. The coaching session helped me realize 3 things:

What I was currently doing was paying the bills, but it wasn’t fulfilling my long term plan.

A change was imminent.

I’d continue on this path until someone made me accountable.

All my life I’ve been a teammate, through sport, community activity, and academic group projects. But, outside of these environments, I was committed to independence and entrepreneurialism. This commitment finally became my priority.

Being an integral part of our community has been the ambition and I am proud to share that we have built a strong  presence in the Victoria and Greater Victoria Communities as an established business and reputable auto detailing service provider. 

The name Fig’s originated from my late Uncle Bill, who (for whatever reason) gave me the nickname. It’s approachable, easy to remember, and has a genuine origin. What I’ve learned since beginning this business is that I really do have a passion to serve as well as to connect with people. The community has been so great in embracing my business, and I look forward to the years to come.

4 Great Things
About Fig's Mobile Detailing

1 We come to you — we come to your workplace or home to clean up your vehicle, as long as you have water and power hook-ups we can utilize.

2 The products we use aren’t harmful — don’t fret about harsh chemicals. Our products are all eco, pet, and driveway friendly.

3 We save you time and car embarrassment — cleaning your car yourself takes far too much effort. Yet you hate whenever someone gets a glimpse of your vehicle. Mobile detailing is quick, effortless, and ensures your car will never embarrass you again.

4 Choose from subscriptions or a one-time service — a monthly subscription not only gives you peace of mind when it comes to your vehicle, but it also gives us the opportunity to keep your car as stunning as possible. However, if you just want help getting your car to where it needs to be, we also offer one-time services.

Jeff Crone washing exterior of vehicle
Mobile Detailing Service

How it Works

  1. Choose your service and purchase online.
  2. Book a time for us to detail your vehicle.
  3.  Get your vehicle fully detailed in under 4 hours AT YOUR HOME OR WORKPLACE.