Servicing Islanders from Victoria to Shawnigan Lake, Cobble Hill & Langley, BC

Serving Islanders across the Greater Victoria Area

Serving Islanders from Victoria to Shawnigan Lake, BC and Greater Langley, BC

Serving Islanders across the Greater Victoria Area

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For charitable donation requests. We’ve streamlined the process to make it easier than ever for you to reach out and connect with us regarding your charitable initiatives. Simply fill out the form provided, and let’s work together to make a positive impact in our community.

It’s all in the details: Q&A with Fig’s Jeff Crone

Jeff Crone, the visionary behind Fig's Mobile Detailing, has a remarkable journey that began at a young age. As an entrepreneur, Jeff's story of self-discovery and passion for auto detailing has shaped Fig's Mobile Detailing into the cutting-edge Subscription-modelled mobile detailing business that caters to Victoria, BC, Canada.

At just 8 years old, Jeff's entrepreneurial spirit emerged as he raked neighbours’ leaves, mowed their lawns and delivered newspapers for the Leader-Post in Regina, SK. Even then, he exhibited the traits of a self-starter, planting the seeds of his future success. Growing up, Jeff was witness to his parents running a Senior Home business from their residence, illustrating the possibilities of entrepreneurship and self-employment and attributes of leadership. This catalyst of income earning at such a young stage of his life gave him the mindset to go out of his comfort zone..

His ambition drove him to attend school full-time, setting the stage for future success. Jeff pursued higher education, majoring in Business and Marketing at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Jeff’s life took a new direction as he delved into the world of auto detailing through opportunities. Jeff's pride in his chosen field continued to grow, leading him to work at an agricultural dealership in Regina, SK, Canada and previous to that a private auto detailing shop in Saskatoon. There, he honed his skills in detailing not only personal vehicles but also commercial-grade equipment and boats. He acquired a comprehensive knowledge of proper vehicle detailing techniques and established efficient practices. This period marked an interest in creating a niche auto detailing business model.

In 2015, Jeff took a daring leap of faith by seizing an opportunity to relocate to Vancouver Island, risking everything he had built up to that point for a significant lifestyle change. It was in 2021 this pivotal moment that Fig's Mobile Detailing was conceived. Fig's Mobile Detailing offers unparalleled convenience. Fig's shows up right to your door, whether you're at home or work, using eco-friendly, pet-safe, and driveway-friendly products to provide top-tier detailing services. Beyond the four wheels, Fig's Mobile Detailing represents a commitment to the community, excellence and customer satisfaction.

Jeff's journey is a testament to the importance of mentorship, hard work, and unwavering belief. Fig's Mobile Detailing is more than just a detailing service. It is a lifestyle choice that reflects “ORGANIZED LIVING & SUCCESS.” Experience the difference with Fig's Mobile Detailing and discover the transformation a detailer's clean can bring to your vehicle. Jeff Crone and Fig's Mobile Detailing are dedicated to setting the standard in mobile auto detailing.

In 2023, Fig's Mobile Detailing owner Jeffrey Crone was a finalist for Emerging Business Person of the Year

Fig's Mobile Detailing takes immense pride in being a member of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce, a prestigious organization representing the diverse business community in the Greater Victoria.

Being part of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce allows Fig's to forge meaningful connections with fellow entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and stakeholders in the region. Through networking events, workshops, and forums facilitated by the Chamber, Fig's gains access to valuable resources, industry insights, and growth opportunities.

Furthermore, the recognition of Fig's owner, Jeff Crone, as a finalist for the Emerging Business Leader of the Year further exemplifies the company's commitment to excellence within the community. This accolade highlights Fig's as an emerging company in its industry, driving growth and setting a high standard for quality service and customer satisfaction.

As Fig's Mobile Detailing continues to expand its presence and make a positive impact on the community, its membership in the Victoria Chamber of Commerce solidifies its commitment to building strong relationships, sharing expertise, and working collectively towards a prosperous and inclusive business community.

Fig's Mobile Detailing & Castaway Wanderers Rugby Club partner to Support the Junior Girls and Minis Program

Fig's Mobile Detailing located in Victoria, BC is a leading provider of professional mobile car detailing services. We are thrilled to announce a sponsorship of the Castaway Wanderers Rugby Club Junior Girls and Minis Program. This sponsorship demonstrates Fig's Mobile Detailing's commitment to supporting youth sports and fostering community development. "We are excited to be a part of the journey of these talented athletes and contribute to their development both on and off the field."

The Castaway Wanderers Rugby Club, based in Victoria, BC, Canada has a long-standing tradition of promoting rugby at various levels, including junior girls and minis. These programs provide an opportunity for young athletes to learn and develop their skills in a supportive and inclusive environment. By sponsoring the Junior Girls and Minis Program, Fig's Mobile Detailing aims to contribute to the growth of rugby and encourage young girls and boys to participate in sports.

As part of the sponsorship, Fig's Mobile Detailing will provide financial assistance to the Junior Girls and Minis Program, which will help cover the costs associated with training equipment, and registrations to selected athletes.

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