Servicing Islanders from Victoria to Shawnigan Lake, Cobble Hill & Langley, BC

Serving Islanders across the Greater Victoria Area

Serving Islanders from Victoria to Shawnigan Lake, BC and Greater Langley, BC

Serving Islanders across the Greater Victoria Area

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Fig's Mobile Detailing

Subscription Packages &
One Time Services

We offer quality detailing for automobiles and commercial fleets.

Read on to learn about our subscriptions, one-time service offers, and process.

Auto Detailing


Sign up for our flagship service! All plans start at $184 monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

One-Time Service Only

Please inquire about our Subscription packages and One-Time Services at to find an availability that suits your detailing needs!

The following additional fees or services may apply: 

Pet Hair Removal  $50+GST (Sedan/Coupe/Small Truck) or $100+GST (SUV/Van/Truck/Large Crossover).

Ozone Odor Treatment (Only offered with purchase of One-Time Service) $125+GST (30-60 minutes added to service).


$97 + GST for a one-time detail.


$252 + GST for a one-time detail.


$347 +GST for a one-time detail.


$507 + GST for a one-time detail.


$232 for a one-time detail.


$327 for a one-time detail.


$97 for a one-time detail.


$487 for a one-time detail.

5 Reasons Why Fig’s Is Better

1 Our process is far more convenient for you

2 We have custom equipment and (steam wand, drill brush, high pressure 2000psi rinse, etc)

3 We come to you (or we can pick your car up for a cheap, additional cost)

4 We have over 13 years of experience (you get a luxury service for a very fair price)

5 Our products (leather cleaner, conditioner, black magic, etc ) are carefully selected and eco-friendly.

Boat Detailing

At Figs we specialize in both interior and exterior boat detailing. Reach out to us for a quote anytime! 

Commercial & Fleet Detailing

To qualify for a commercial fleet package, your fleet must be one of the following sizes:

3 commercial vehicles
4 regular company vehicles

Quotes depend on the services you request, which can include:

  • Mileage
  • Interior service
  • Exterior service
  • Sanitation service

You must provide on-site water and power sources

We can detail commercial semis with or without trailers and sanitation.

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Fig's 6-Step
Detailing Process

1 Decision — Decide on the subscription or one-time service you’re interested in

2 Contact — Phone or email us (email form is on our contact page) for a consultation, which entails:

  • Figuring out the level of care your vehicle/boat requires (we may find your vehicle needs to)
  • Get ‘caught up’ on cleaning in the first month before we move to a maintenance package. Or, you may not need the level of clean you think you do.)

3 Arrival — We arrive on-site (whether it’s your home or workplace!). Unless you need us to take your vehicle to our workplace, this is when you point out where your water and power hook-ups are located

4 Vehicle Inspection — before you leave us to our devices, we carefully inspect your vehicle and look for the following (this is a short 5-minute step):

  • Pre-existing damage, scratches, and dents (some we may be able to repair, some may be too extensive)
  • Review the nitty-gritty areas that have been irking you (is there a crusty stain that’s been hanging out on the side of your driver’s seat for months? Is your windshield extra splotchy?)
  • Remove your personal belongings out of your vehicle and store them somewhere safe while we work

5 The Detail — Now you’re free to leave and do what you will while we make your car/boat immaculate. For cars and jeeps, this step takes no more than 4 hours!

6 Post-Detail Inspection — Once we’re done, we let you know and have you come inspect our work with us (this step also includes vehicle drop-off if we took your car to our site). This inspection only takes 5 minutes and includes:

  • A review ensuring all problematic areas pointed out during the first inspection have been dealt with (this includes stain removal and minimal repairs)
  • A presentation of any items we uncovered during the detailing
  • Placing all of your personal belongings back into your vehicle (minus garbage and cracker crumbs)

That’s it, that’s all. If you still have any questions about our services and process, don’t be shy. Give us a call or email!

Ready to have your car or commercial vehicle detailed?

Mobile Detailing Service

How it Works

  1. Choose your service and purchase online.
  2. Book a time for us to detail your vehicle.
  3.  Get your vehicle fully detailed in under 4 hours AT YOUR HOME OR WORKPLACE.